FAQs & Information

General FAQs

Yes, we are open from 10 am to 5 pm Tuesdays through Saturdays and on Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm. The ACHM observes all government holidays though we are open on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

We do; please refer to our Rentals page for more information

Aiken County Historical Museum is a county-owned and operated museum. Our non-profit entity is our Friends of the ACHM group.

We are always in need of help, whether it’s gardening or giving tours or research for a new exhibit, and everything in between. Our volunteers are of all ages, mobility levels, and backgrounds; you would fit right in with us!

We can give private tours if requested in advance and the party includes at least eight people.

If you are a local artist or artisan with an interest in selling your wares in our store, please contact us at museum@aikencountysc.gov or by calling 806.644.1010 for more information.

We conduct free field trips and tours onsite here at the Museum for all Aiken County students; we have a traveling trunk based on over 150 years of the County’s history that we bring to your classroom to demonstrate; we are also happy to tailor a program to fit your theme or learning needs. Learn more on our Tours & Programs page.

Absolutely! We love working with local educators both inside and outside of the classroom. All of our educational programming for students are based on state standard curriculum levels. Learn more on our Tours & Programs page.

The fire engine in our basement is actually still owned by City of Aiken Public Safety, and is occasionally driven by the firemen. They take the truck out for parades, funerals, and other celebrations.

Honestly… it depends on who you ask! Plenty of folks have claimed to have had ‘experiences’ here, and the same amount of people state that there is ‘nothing remotely scary’ about the building. We’ll leave it to you to decide.

Rental FAQs

Unfortunately, we no longer host wedding related events.

We do not have the staff to cover the entire museum during events. For safety regulations only rented areas can be occupied.

NO parking is allowed. This is a fire lane.

No, the pianos stay permanently in the ballroom and parlor.

No, this is a Museum first before a rental venue, the pianos are not part of the rental contract.

Photography FAQs

  • If you wish to reserve a time for photography, please contact us here.
  • Because ACHM is open to the public, no special arrangements can be made to quarantine an area from normal visitor traffic.
  • Photography must not be disruptive to other visitors or block doors or walkways.
  • The Aiken County Historical Museum reserves the right to prohibit photography in any area at any time. Failure to adhere to guidelines or staff direction may result in being asked to cease activities and leave the premises.
  • For all requests to reproduce, publish, sell, or otherwise commercially exploit images, including artwork or the Museum building, please email museum@aikencountysc.gov
  • Photographers are liable for any damage to Museum property.
  • The Museum and its staff are not responsible for any loss or damages that may occur.
  • Visitor photography is permitted for personal, noncommercial use only.
  • Camera bags, stabilization devices, selfie sticks, lighting kits, and other large or specialty photographic equipment are prohibited inside the Museum.
  • Unless you notify the photographer otherwise, ACHM may photograph or film visitors for educational and promotional purposes. By visiting the ACHM, you consent to the use of your likeness, voice, or video image for these purposes.
  • The ACHM reserves the right to approve final content for anything in which the Museum or its properties will appear, either by name or by visual representation. The Museum reserves the right to decline any request for any reason, including any project that museum personnel believes could reflect negatively upon the Museum, its accreditation status, or its reputation as a historical institution.
  • With respect to any photographs taken at the Museum, ACHM makes no representations or warranties concerning the subject matter of such photographs. To the extent such photography incorporates the likenesses of individuals or depicts copyrighted materials, the photographer shall have sole responsibility for obtaining any necessary releases or consents to use such likenesses and materials.
  • Site fees are charged for using the Museum as a setting for other projects that are not considered personal photography or editorial coverage by the press. Site fees vary based on the details of each project.
  • For filming and photography scheduled to occur inside the Museum but outside of normal business hours, the function will be treated as a special event. Fees begin at regular special event rates, and may increase to accommodate special requests and circumstances.

Collections FAQs

Yes! We encourage users to download images from our website for non-commercial personal or classroom use, without written permission, within the meaning of the principles of “fair use.” Appropriate credit to the Aiken County Historical Museum should appear with the image. However, images on our site which are credited to another person or organization may not be used without that party’s permission.

To use any text, image, audio, or video for commercial use, publication, broadcast, documentary, or for any purpose other than “fair use” as defined by law, you must request and receive prior written permission from the Museum. To request permission and/or image reproductions, please contact the Executive Director.

If not clearly posted otherwise, non-commercial, no-flash photography is permitted in the main gallery spaces, so long as objects, pedestals, stanchions, and other Museum property are not moved, crawled under/over/around, or otherwise disturbed in the process.

Photographs may only be taken for private, personal use. Receiving permission to photograph does not convey ownership or licensing rights. ACHM reserves the right to restrict photography within the Banksia building and grounds.

If you are a professional photographer, please review ACHM’s Photography Policy and contact the Site and Events Manager for further information.

We are working hard to add more complete data about our collections, but we have a long way to go. For specific research questions you are welcome to contact either the Collections Manager or Executive Director.

Please note, however, that while ACHM staff members are encouraged to undertake research for the benefit of the general public, staff members are permitted to turn down any research request they deem to be unethical or if they feel the duties surrounding the research efforts will interfere with their primary responsibilities at ACHM.

We do not allow private viewings of particular objects or our storage areas to the general public, unless it is for a special Behind the Scenes tour or event. If you are a researcher, please contact the Collections Manager to inquire further about a research request. Please be aware that ACHM staff may deny any research request that is deemed to be an inappropriate use of resources, unethical, or illegal.

Only a small percentage of objects in the Museum’s collection can be displayed at any one time. Additionally, some objects are very fragile and can only be displayed for a short amount of time before going back into storage. ACHM staff are not able to provide specific information about when specific objects will next be on public display.

ACHM cannot provide appraisal information to you for ethical and legal reasons. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers such activity a conflict of interest. If you plan to get an appraisal for objects, you must get them appraised before donating them to us.

ACHM has limited funds available to purchase museum objects and only rarely acquires items from auctions and private individuals. If you know of an item that ACHM may be interested in purchasing, please contact the Collections Manager.


The Aiken County Historical Museum, under the direction of the Aiken County Historical Commission, collects, preserves, promotes, interprets, and exhibits the historical objects of Aiken County and its surrounds.

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